Community Guidelines

These are the rules you should abide by when using NearSphere. Violataion to viloate any rule or principle listed below will result in a permenant ban from NearSphere.

NSFW Content

Whenever you try to post anything that goes into the teritory of NSFW content you recive an automatic warning that you are not allowed to post this type of content and your psots fails. But If you keep trying to post NSFW Content then after 3 attempts you will be automatically banned from our platfrom for forever. Below is our defination of NSFW Content:

Adult Content: contains elements such as nudity, pornographic images or cartoons, or sexual activities.

Spoof Content: The likelihood that a modification was made to the image's canonical version to make it appear funny or offensive.

Medical Content: Anything that shows blood or flesh.

Violent Content: All kinds of violent images even including images of soldiers killing anyone, or arresting people at the gunpoint.

Racy Content: Racy content may include (but is not limited to) skimpy or sheer clothing, strategically covered nudity, lewd or provocative poses, or close-ups of sensitive body areas.

Cyber Harrasment & Bullying

We have a zero tolerence policy towards all and any kind of Cyber Harrasment and Bullying. If we find any user writing or posting such content which is offensive to any group or trying to annoy anyone on our platofom, they will be banned form our platform immediately without any warning. If you find any post or comment or any user involving in such acts kindly report us at

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Community Guidelines, do not hesitate to contact us at